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Airfield Products

Our Airfield Lighting Control Systems guarantees the safety of airport infrastructure and people. LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs, helping airports improve their sustainability.


Efficient and high-performing LED inset lights, providing at least 50,000 service hours at full 6.6A operation. The LED light fixtures have a simplified modular construction, consisting of five main components. This means easy maintenance of the lights because of the reduction of the amount of spare parts.


Elevated Lights

The innovative elevated lights meet the specific demands for easy mounting, alignment and service. The flexible product concept allows an easy adaption of the products into existing structures of airport lighting. The lights meet the requirements of international standards.



We can deliver LED signs and retrofit lights with a long operating lifetime and homogenous light distribution. These are therefore the best solution for efficient sign lighting in the airport sector and beyond. Thanks to the modular layout, the signs can be easily adapted to existing infrastructures and offer a wide range of possible applications.



Customized layout based on AGL requirements. Control and monitoring features: intensity control, system status, light failures, earth faults and all can be integrated with main control tower.

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