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Blinds gives you the perfect weapon in the fight against noise in open-space offices and elsewhere. These blinds have excellent acoustic properties and you can position the panels to close off or reveal as much of the workspace as you desire. You can also move them around the office as needed.


Acoustic object

You'll be enchanted by the charming aesthetics and optimized functionality of Acoustic objects. Its specialized materials enable it to absorb ambient sound and improve the office environment. Acoustic objects is available in three sizes.


Hanging Dividers

Hanging dividers creates an acoustic barrier between individual spaces and divides them optically as well without requiring any permanent changes to the space. Acoustic hanging dividers also significantly reduce echoes and improve communication in the office.


Desktop Dividers

Desktop Dividers separates work stations, which is useful in open office floor plans, allowing you to fully concentrate on your work. These desktop dividers are made of specially developed acoustic foam with excellent noise reduction qualities. The high-quality fabric means you can also use our acoustic desktop dividers partitions as bulletin boards.


Freestanding Dividers

Freestanding dividers creates an acoustic barrier wherever you need one. Freestanding acoustic dividers are ideal for dividing your break area or copy machine corner from the rest of the office. You can move them around wherever you like, and the wide array of shapes and colors will brighten up your office design.


Wall Panels

Wall panels are precision-engineered to absorb the frequencies created by the human voice. The result is a drastic reduction in background noise, making it much easier to converse quietly with colleagues or focus on the task at hand. With a wide selection of colors and shapes available, you’ll find an ideal match for your office.

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